Day 005 – The Card

I wrote a get well soon card today. It was to cheer up a friend who is down with COVID. I felt so powerless to help her and at first the idea of a card felt so foolish but then I thought that if it helps her smile for even a moment, then it would have done it’s job. Writing that card brought me a ridiculous sense of joy as well. It took me back to the times of childish hand drawn cards, and later the variety of store bought ones. I think I have saved almost every card I have ever received. I have boxes of memorabilia packed away and a lot of them are cards. I sometimes look upon them with irritation, wishing I were not so attached to them and letting them take up precious storage space. But every once in a long while, when I am cleaning or re-arranging and I start going through them, I remember just why I have to save them. To me they are more precious than photographs. Reading each one takes me back to the time in my life, moments I cherish as well as those I would happily forget. I think I’ll write some cards this year.

I watched the latest episode of The Rookie today. I am still holding myself back from diving into the Star Trek Discovery episodes so this one was a consolation prize. I have only recently begun watching the show and it is the perfect blend of everything I love in a TV show: crime, police and Nathan Fillion (I just loved him in Castle). This was one of those happy coincidences when after binge watching Season 1, 2 and 3, I discovered that Season 4 was coming out soon. I still hate waiting for an episode every week but it’s better than nothing.

Well I’m all out of things to talk about. Until next time, Cheers!

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