Day 031 – Adios January

I know a month is not really enough to say that I’ve created a new habit but it does feel like a bit of an achievement to have reached one month of daily writing. On the personal finance front, I strictly sat down and did all the things I had promised myself I would do at the end of the month. Also, going forward, expense analysis will be a monthly activity instead of an annual one. I am not going through the horror again next January. I haven’t picked out my next book yet but I have a few interesting long reads in progress so I think that’ll keep me busy for another day. I realise I’ve finished 5 books this month which is a great start to my goal of reading 50 books this year. I just have to keep a check on my binge watching tendencies 😅

I feel like signing off with a pic of one of my new favourite breakfasts which just happened to be what I had this morning. Until next time, Cheers!

Steamed veggies with white sauce, poached egg and buttery toast

Day 030 – Melancholy

I feel sad that the month of January is coming to an end. I shouldn’t because I really have completed a lot of what I had set out to do this month. I am also happy about sticking to some of the broad level goals and cautiously optimistic about keeping up the good work in the rest of the year. But this weird melancholy feeling has still been nagging me since morning. I first distracted myself by finishing the book I started yesterday, ‘Funny You Should Ask’ and that worked for a little while. But then once again I felt at loose ends and almost teary. Thankfully, I decided to dive into that magical folder in my email that collects all my newsletter subscriptions through the week so that I may enjoy them at leisure on Sunday and the very first one helped me find my solace. There was an article called The Antidote to Melancholy and it contained centuries old advice on how to beat the blues. The short answer: spend time in nature and read new things. I tend to spend long hours at my desk and forget to go outside sometimes. I have been doing better lately, going for a walk almost daily but now that I think about it, it is exactly those days that I skip it is when I feel my worst. I also have been reading quite diligently this year and I realise that this week has been a lot more TV viewing than reading. So I will pay better attention going forward. Binge watching is a huge risk for me, I will have to manage it. I have spent most of the day immersed in long think pieces to the point where I think it’s giving me a headache so I think my quota for the day is done. I just need to pick out my next book so that it is ready for me tomorrow as soon as I finish work. I have been compiling a long list since the start of the year and I think it’s going to be quite hard to choose. Wish me luck!

Until then, Cheers!

Day 029 – The Matrix Continued

I intended to only watch The Matrix Reloaded but because of the cliffhanger in the end, I couldn’t resist watching The Matrix Revolutions as well. The entire trilogy blew my mind. I cannot believe I waited so long to watch them! Then I watched The Matrix Resurrections trailer and I am now excited to watch that soon. I’ll give it a little while though. I think I need to let the trilogy absorb a bit in my brain before I try to get back into the Matrix.

In other news, I started reading Funny You Should Ask, a book of weird questions and interesting answers. It’s a book written by the hosts of the only podcast I religiously follow: No Such Thing as A Fish. The podcast and book are both hilarious but I am probably more biased towards the podcast since there are so many many past episodes to listen to. They have been accompanying me on my walks and that is probably why I still go for my walks 🙂


Day 028 – I am an addict

Today was Day Two of binge watching Chicago Med. I have finished watching all of season 1 in 2 days. I have a problem. Every time an episode inches to a close, I just roll right into the next one. I cannot seem to help myself. I’d like to say I am learning a lot from all the different perspectives in the stories but I’m not really sure about that. I have no energy left over to even think about it. And I have not started a new book in these last couple of days which is definitely a bad sign. I will cut myself off over the weekend and get back to focusing on all the million things that are still to be finished in my monthly To Do List. Until next time, Cheers!

Day 026 – Picnic!

I went for a picnic with friends today. We’ve been having a rare few weeks of pleasantly cool/ cold weather and we decided we’d make the most of it. It was such a great idea. 4 people and 2 dogs spent the entire morning lounging on a picnic blanket, eating way too much food and enjoying the sunshine and cool breezes.

The road to the picnic spot

In other news, I started watching the original Matrix trilogy. I have heard so many references to the movies over the years that I thought I knew everything there was to know but boy was I wrong. It was such a ride and I cannot wait to watch the subsequent ones.

I feel absolutely on top of the world today with nothing left to worry about. It has been a perfect day. Cheers!

Day 025 – Chicken Salad

I finished reading ‘One Impossible Labyrinth’ and if it wasn’t for the fact that it brought closure to an entire series, I would really have hated the book. The number of times the author uses the words ‘super’ or ‘ultra’ to emphasize on the sizes of things is insane. I actually wanted to start counting but I thought that it would boil my blood even more. His books are not known for their literary brilliance but I still feel like in the previous 6 books of the series he made some efforts to describe things creatively. Maybe the process of writing just got too tedious for him. It certainly seems so from the measly length of the book. Since he wrapped things up quite neatly I don’t think the length is a problem but I certainly did not get my money’s worth (the Kindle edition cost around Rs. 800).

Anyway, after the dissatisfaction of that book, I was very happy to prepare my signature Chicken Salad which will go with me to a picnic tomorrow! I am so excited for this that I probably might even forget about putting up a blogpost tomorrow. I will do my best to remember.

Until then, Cheers!

Day 023 – No One Is Talking About This

I finished reading No One Is Talking About This today and it made me think about life. This entire weekend I have been pondering about the question of what quality of life means. I have been agonizing over what to interpret from my analysis of expenses. Should I reduce my expenses now to save up for a better holiday in future not to mention a better retirement? Although at the rate the world is going, all my savings and investments will be worth much less as more time passes. So ‘better’ may just be an illusion. I’m probably only making sure that I continue to have the same quality of life as I do currently. And that is just depressing. Of course I have a lot to be grateful for but there is also so much more that I want to do and this fickle little thing we invented called money dictates whether I can or cannot do them. So is it better then to keep slaving away just to provide for the future or should I also live it up a little in the present? The past few years I have actually done just that. Lived it up quite a bit; within my means but maybe a tad unnecessarily. I don’t regret what’s already done but maybe this year I should try easing back a bit and see what difference it makes to my financial position. I just hope I don’t return to the long ago days of agonizing (and sometimes paralyzing) anxiety over spending decisions. I think it’s a common saying that rich people stay rich by pinching pennies. I think I’ll find out how true it. I am going to start with redeeming all my credit card points into amazon vouchers which will be my book buying fund for the year. Or I may go nuts and buy myself that iPad I have been eying (and talking myself out of).

I have spent most of the day reading and when I did take a break it was to cook myself some red sauce pasta with smoked bacon cubes. It was an excellent dinner if I say it so myself 🙂

Pasta in red sauce with smoked bacon cubes

I am going to round off the day watching this movie called Peter’s Friends which intrigued me when I read about it in a review.

Day 022 – Expense Analysis

Expense analysis is the worlds worst punishment. And this is the third weekend in a row that I have been trying to make sense of the year gone by from bank statements and credit card bills. I have earned my Sunday rest tomorrow. It has also given me a lot to think about for the year ahead.

I started watching this movie called: ‘Munich: The Edge of War’. It seems promising. Will continue tomorrow.