Rohini Dasgupta
Rohini Dasgupta

Well hello there! Nice to see you.

My blog and I were not seeing each other for a while. We’re back together now (kinda). I also made up with my ex-blog and decided to embrace the name ‘Cheers to Life’ again. When I first thought of it as a name for my blog, I was so damn happy about it. I was ready to find the silver lining in everything and hopefully help others find it too. After a few years when the first love high wore off, I grimaced a bit but sort of went on with it anyway. At some point I sobered up completely and created a whole new blog with a more realistic aim (probably) to just ‘Simplify’. That phase didn’t last very long either. So now I’m not even going to try to define what I’m doing here except that this morning I had an idea and wanted to write about it. And so here we are. Happy Reading!

Cheers to Life!

Just because…

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