Pocketful of Sunshine =)

Sometimes when life gets you down, it’s good to count your blessings and just celebrate everything that is good about it, so that is exactly what I’m gonna be doing!

  1. The internet is the world’s greatest invention. There is almost nothing that you cannot do on it. All those millions of forms and standing in queues or even making payments, remember the time when cheque payments felt so easy? Well not any more, coz you got, voila! the internet. I just logged on to netbanking for 15 minutes and am saved myself an hour long visit to the bank and I am just over the moon about it. Registrations for exams, ordering merchandise, social networking, music, videos, sheer timepass stuff, it has it all!
  2. Early morning bliss is something else that I am grateful for. I am normally not a morning person but there are just some days that you wake up feeling like you can conquer the world and then you hear an absolutely amazing song that just makes your day (check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONVGfzRWxaU), and find some interesting emails in your inbox or chat with some people after quite a while and it just makes you smile. Not to mention all the peace and quiet around, everyone should try it out sometime. I don’t sing reularly but I’m guessing this is why people who do, mostly¬†practice early in the morning, makes for an amazing rest of the day.
  3. Unexpected pleasures that come your way are the most precious gifts we can receive. Like yesterday travelling through Aarey Colony in Mumbai, I just did nothing except feast my eyes on the greenery all around and discovered what heaven on earth felt like. On reaching office, had a really good conversation with someone who I hadn’t spoken to in a while, feels nice to just slow down and do that once in a while. Managed to play table tennis for a while, made for a refreshing break in the midst of a crazy day. We all lead such fast paced lives that it may be easy to miss out on these things as they don’t come with signposts that will shout out to you to stop and take a look. But it is only these things that can bring a balance to the hectic life which would otherwise drive us into mental asylums by the dozen.
  4. Another of life’s great joys (and world’s greatest inventions) is the earphones. Sometimes you just need to block the entire world out and lose yourself in your favourtie music. Whether it is good old hindi film music or hip hop hustle, whatever gets your mood going, just plug in those earphones to your phone, ipod, music player and you are set for a spell of bliss

So that concludes my random ramblings for the day. Felt good to put all this down, maybe we could all do that, just stop for a moment everyday and be grateful for all the good things that have happened in the day.

Until next time.

It was a beautiful morning, sunlight filtered through the fresh green leaves which swayed gently in the breeze. As I looked out of the large windows and saw the vast expanse of blue skies with bits of grey clouds floating across, I felt deeply content. It was uttlerly peaceful and made me want to keep day dreaming all day. The hills in the distance, the buildings tall and short in the foreground, the trees in the office compund, the railway track at a distance and not a soul in sight; just everything about the scene spelt serene. It made me feel grateful for all my blessings and happy about all the good things in life. Simple things which don’t need to be put in words, I sat there just recounting them in my head and then glancing at the clock brought me back to reality. Until next time then! Cheers =)