There is always a battle of sorts between the head and the heart. Sometimes the heart tells us to go ahead and do exactly what we want to do but we are stopped by the logical head. Makes you wonder what the entire point is right? Well I think we all know that one without the other is pretty useless so a combination of the two (read: eternal battle) is what keeps us ticking. Its what stops the head from doing everything that makes complete sense and it stops the heart from doing everything that makes no sense and at the end of the day we end up doing just fine. It may feel like the battle is tearing us apart sometimes, but in the end it helps us do whats right. And even when we do make a mistake, it is with the realization that it is all a part of life. The good times and the bad times come and go but as long as you got the head and the heart in the right place, its all good 🙂