Day 004 – Just another Tuesday

It is just another Tuesday and this new COVID-19 variant is well and truly on it’s way to wreck havoc with our lives. So I am just going to plug in my earphones, block out the news playing on the TV in the background and think about good things.

The books I decided to give away are finally gone today. I thought I’d be sadder but I am feeling strangely lighter. I guess it helped me feel in control and it doesn’t hurt to see a completely clear desk and shelves slightly less bursting with books. I think I will tackle purging clothes next weekend and make it a theme of the month. God knows I have way too many clothes hanging around, taking up space but will never be worn again

My first book of the year, ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You’ just keeps getting better and better. I have had to work really hard to hold myself back and not pull an all-nighter to finish it. Even now, I can’t wait to finish this up and get to it. I know that by pacing myself I will enjoy it better and not miss things in a hurry; but there is this little kid inside me just egging me on and reminding me of all the great memories of books I’ve read all night. Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to follow these impulsive instincts, I know the price I will pay tomorrow if I decide to indulge. Don’t you hate adulting sometimes?

I had a conversation with a friend last night who reminded me about getting back to my poetry writing. I had a burst of inspiration a year and a half ago and had a fling of sorts with poetry for a couple of months. When inspiration seemed to dry out, I sort of thought that was that. But I thought about it again yesterday and I might just try again.

I love the stickers that came with my planner last year. And yes I am still using the same planner from last year because as usual I wasn’t very diligent about using it consistently and so had the foresight to buy the undated one. The more important point here are the plentiful stickers which I have even started sticking in my work notebook just to cheer things up. I love all the stuff that Alicia Souza creates and had to restrain myself from buying the entire new collection for this year. Only bought the calendar and it is such a treat 🙂

I just discovered today that Star Trek: Discover – Season 4 has been airing since mid-November and I had no clue. But on the other hand I have 7 episodes that I can now binge watch. For some years now I have quit social media and conventional news reading (I only subscribe to two newsletters). It mostly works out for me. The things that are important enough, I hear about them anyway and the things that are not that important, well I don’t need to know about them anyway. But sometimes IMPORTANT things like the release of the new season of a beloved TV show slip right past me.

I think that’s a decent list of things to be happy about.

Until tomorrow, Cheers!

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