The Dreams We Dream…

Dreams are the most magical and beautiful things for the simple reason that they may never come true. We may spin as amazing stories as we want in our heads whilst never having a clue of what the future holds. We can create our own little world in our mind’s eye, a place only for us, to visit when times are rough or simply when wanting some peace. It is so much fun to plan this place, ‘the happy place’ I call it, cram in every bit of joy that you can gather so that the place is overflowing with goodness. Banish all misery, pain and wrongdoing from here; keep at bay the darkness, fear and doubts that plague us in the real world and just be free to do anything you imagine. Imagine being an astronaut and shooting into space to explore infinity and beyond; or maybe you would prefer to be a mighty ruler of an empire; or a secret service agent a la James Bond; or just a world traveler flitting from place to place across the globe; or an author of best selling books; or a snake charmer; or a marine biologists discovering more and more of nature everyday; or a teacher addressing a roomful of earnest young beings; or an administrator par excellence; or an accountant, engineer, ballerina and the list simply goes on and on and on. Fate is such a cruel thing that one the one hand it offers us a world full of so many amazing things to do but such little time to do more than a few. So, I say again, even if it will never be a reality, it is wonderful to keep dreaming. Dream on..


Favourite Things

Just felt like listing a few of my favourite things…

Sunny days and clear blue skies

The smell of wet earth just before the rains

Late night movies in bed

Reading a favourite book by lamp light

Falling asleep listening to music

Cooking something delicious

Walks on the beach or anywhere actually

Wind blowing through my hair

Surprises and unexpected pleasures

Laughing till it hurts

High heels coz they make me look taller

Lots and lots of water


Photo albums (the printed kind)

Stationery (diaries, notebooks, pens, pencils, you name it!)

The sound of silence

Fiery sunsets on a summer days

The rain whipping in my face while travelling

Singing out loud


Happy day