Let’s Begin

Why Human Resources?

I have realised after about 2 years of working in human resources that there is a need to simplify what exactly working in HR means. It is mostly assumed that it must be mainly recruiting, a concept that is easy to understand – organizations need people to work and someone has to hire them; beyond that the other thing that HR is associated with is that annoying person who keeps laying down the law at inconvenient times. Well needless to say that that is not all. In fact it’s not what we do but what we believe. This amazing video helps explain the concept.

Why does the human resources department exist? There are many variations of the answer to this but it basically boils down to wanting to help every person realizes their own potential. Before you laugh at how absurd it seems, just think about it, most things in life are absurdly simple, we’re the ones that complicate matters. Sure we make our mistakes and may not always be able to help everyone but the belief exists that we are meant to help everyone get where they need to. But unfortunately the things that we do seem so trivial that it’s difficult to see what we’re aiming for really. The error again is mostly ours, we don’t try to show people the whys of our actions. And maybe then some of those actions will cease to be something that the HR department has to do.

Why This Blog?

Illustration to show commonly misunderstood words in HR

One thing that really bothers me is that most people assume that a lot of things are the HR department’s job whereas in truth it is everybody’s responsibility. A lot of us who have graduated college have almost no idea of the practical realities of working in the corporate world. While it is the duty of the employer to explain to you the terms, conditions, compensation and benefits associated with the job you are hired to do; it is ultimately for you to understand the full implications of it and act accordingly.

Terms like allowances, incentives, reimbursements, commissions all blur together in that corner of our minds somewhere and we remain blissfully unaware of the differences. We are conscious of tax deductions so we scrutinize every payslip and lament the amount of our hard earned money that we never see but what do we really do about it? We know we need to enroll ourselves for certain benefits programs but we often push them to the backburner, stewing until suddenly it spills all over and it’s too late to do anything about it.

My attempt through this blog, shall be to look at all these things that make up a significant part of our life and and just help everyone (including myself) understand them a little better. I don’t claim to be an expert, so this is as much for me to learn and then share 🙂

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!