Counting Down: 2

So I’ve noticed how conversations about the New Year more often than not meander into what happened in the year gone by. Its funny really. You ask a person their plans for New Year’s Eve and after they have enlightened you about the aforementioned plans, you both immediately launch into a remeniscing session about what you did last year on New Year’s Eve and how it seems like yesterday and how MUCH has happened in your lives since then and well it could go on for a while. Regular readers do NOT worry, I am not about to launch into an analysis of human nature (I feel I do that a lot!). I find myself a prey to this disease as well; I think everyone who speaks to me these days know that I’m going to spend 31st watching movies on my laptop all night like the year before and the year before that. There is a certain comfort in the familiarity of the situation. It is about bringing in the New Year after all. I would certainly like a perfectly normal year ahead. The year gone by has had it’s fair share of excitements and I would definitely not want a repeat telecast. Just an ordinary and uneventful New Year is all I ask for. But as usual I suppose it’s wishful thinking. I have never known my life to be devoid of activity, interesting or otherwise, and I don’t think I really want that to change. It could get mighty dull. Of course my definition of words like ‘interesting’, ‘dull’, ‘fun’ and even ‘life’ are often at odds with that of the rest of humanity but I guess thats who I am. Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, enjoy planning your New Year! 2 days to go! Cheers!


We’ve all heard of the phenomenon of blanking out during an exam situation. But you know what, sometimes this phenomenon really gets out of hand and escapes into everyday life. Then you get blank all the time. Like as if everything is blank and nothing means anything anymore. I know I’m rambling and not making much sense but thats how it is. You drag through each day, forcing youself to act normal and by the end of it, collapse exhausted. At times like this you wonder what life is all about. Anyway, when nothing makes sense (like right now!), its probably safer to blank out than trying to figure things out which by the way is guaranteed to give you a headache. Until next time then, Cheers!