The Days Of Our Lives

I think the time has now arrived to explain exactly how and why this blog was created. The original idea was that the bunch of us are so crazy that there should be a book dedicated to all our antics (well..maybe not all). That idea was soon scrapped as we realised that no one in their right mind would publish a book with no literary content whatsoever and thus dear reader you are one of the fortunate ones to witness for yourself, the Days Of Our Lives (Sorry, totally ripped that off FRIENDS). Anyway, just to give you a glimpse of the stuff you can expect, here are some snippets of incidents so far….

One day it was decided that since the mess dinner was unbearable, the order of the day would be Maggi. Mind you this was one of our initial days in the hostel when we used to religiously eat whatever food was doled out to us, so it was a big achievement (you could almost call it a rebellion!). Anyway the long and short of it was that we ended up with one packet of Maggi to be shared among 9 (very hungry!) girls. Needless to say it was quite a sight to see everyone diving to get a bite of dinner!

Another incident that comes to mind was the time when a few of us were burning the midnight lamp in order to finish a project, and a certain someone (OK, it was me) made the mistake of dozing off for a little while (can’t have been more than 5 minutes) only to wake up and discover that my face was covered in designs (with permanent markers!) that would scare even the most vicious of tribes in the heart of Africa. The perpetrators of this crime (who barely escaped prosecution) were quite shameless, rolling with laughter and laughing harder when it was discovered that the marks wouldn’t all come off! This continued for 2 days i might add!

Thats all for today folks but many, many more to come….Till then Cheers!

Totally Bizzare!

This is bizzare! This is more than bizzare! This is the first time in the history of the world that students are being allowed to access the internet during the course of an exam. Thats right, you heard me right, internet access during an EXAM! Okay, okay, it’s not exactly as rosy as that. The exam in question is a Tally (an accounting software) exam and requires us to sit in the computer lab for an hour finishing the paper after which there is an everlasting wait while everyone has to answer FIVE lousy viva questions and only then are the gates of freedom opened. Hence, students like me who have a long, long wait before their viva are allowed to surf the net while they wait. And hence this blog is the product of sheer boredom and some respite. Now that the respite is over, boredom sets in again and I attempt to analyse the reasons behind the actions of my fellow students. A majority of them are immersed in a vicious game of Counter Strike while the remaining population is divided into two groups; one that is glued to their facebook/orkut accounts and the other that is busily scrutinizing their exam question hoping to redefine perfection. It must be mentioned that there are very few in the last named category. I would say the ones in CS category are the ones who know how to make the best out of the situation; i mean they aren’t cribbing or bothering anyone, just enjoying a game they like. The social networking category however seriously need a disease named after them, something related to addiction, would be appropriate. I mean, come on, these people are either uploading photos or scrapping someone or writing on someone’s wall or sending and receiving invites…they need a break! As for the rest, well what can I say, until recently (10 minutes ago to be precise) I was one of them, so I prefer not to comment. Anyway now that I have scared away most of the readers, I shall not torture the rest. Until next time then…Cheerio!

Here Goes Nothing…

Well, here goes nothing…This is my first ever blog and hopefully not my last.
A year of college is almost up and it’s only now that I realise the fact. Why now, you might ask. The reply, as crazy as it may sound is that the Oscars will be airing in a few hours time. What is the connection? Well last year, I had the luxury of making myself a cup of coffee and comfortably settling down on my favourite spot on the couch and viewing the aforementioned award ceremony for the entire length of it’s screening (Of course this had it’s repercussions, namely my mother’s incessant screams that I would fail my Board Exams). This year however, being away from home and living in a hostel, the few of us enthusiasts will have to settle for cold, hard, plastic chairs and most probably no coffee (sigh!). As thoughts of home come back to me with speed that will definitely defy light and sound, I find my enthusiasm fading. I’m sure I will spend the entire time reminiscing about absolutely pointless things, which might not be too bad actually but certainly defeats the purpose of waking up at 5 am! I truly salute the enthusiasm displayed by a fellow fan of the Oscars; in her own words, “I am getting up and watching, no matter what!!”. I must mention here that this is the person, who has to be literally hauled out of bed during exams in order to complete her revision. I guess that is what life is about – ironies. Anyway she has solemnly promised to give me a buzz once she is up so that we may not break ranks, even though I am still in two minds. Lets see what the morning brings….Till then Cheers!