Classrooms are magical places, they bring together people in a way that nothing else can. From the moment you cross that threshold, the outside world just fades away and a different one is created. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the classroom to learn or not, there is always a lesson. I believe it is the most carefree place that one can ever find themselves in, the worries and cares of everyday life just don’t exist in here. The room itself may differ from place to place, state of the art infrastructure in one to just four walls and a blackboard in another but it is really the state of mind of the people in it that makes it what it is. Human nature can be best studied within the confines of a classroom, it is quite the ready natural laboratory, and since no one is watching, people tend to be themselves instead of trying to be someone else. There will always be the person who is ready to debate anything under the sun, to question and challenge all that is said. Then there is the person who always has an answer to everything but may choose to be arrogant or humble about it, which decides whether the rest of the class finds him agreeable or not. The class joker, ready with a quip for every situation and provides comic relief  when the atmosphere gets too serious. Then there is the shy guy, the one who keeps to himself, says little but surprises the rest when he does speak up. Then there will inevitably be that one person who has no wish to be there in the first place and will spend their entire time sulking but they too will end up in the class picture when the time comes. Then of course there are people like me, the ones who are always looking around to see what they can see in the people around them, to understand what drives them, what makes them tick and why they behave in the way they do. The classroom is my playground and I am glad that I am back in one even if only for the weekend. Cheers!

The Other Side…

I visited Crossword bookstore yesterday and the sight that greeted me was heartwarming. The normally straight laced and perfectly ordered bookstore was having an overwhelming moment. There were books spilling out of everyone, in the shelves, on the floor and just about everywhere. The entire store looked like it was bursting out of it’s seams and I couldn’t help but smile. Firstly just to see the sheer number of books spread about and secondly because it just shows that there is always another side to things, the side that is not so rosy or comfortable or even sensible. It helps to be reminded of that every once in a while, just to know that it is there and you should pay it some mind. It is not as if you would like the thing any less because of it, in fact it would add to its charm. We human beings are quite the hypocritical creatures; we strive for perfection everywhere and look for it in everyone but what really touches us are the imperfections, the flaws, in short the other side. Here is to embracing that other side, that we all have within us, to know that it is a part of us and makes us who we are and to learn how best it can help us along in life. We may not like some of the things that we find but that is how it is, life isn’t perfect and the sooner we realise that, the happier we shall be for then we shall know what things will make us happy which aren’t necessarily the perfect things.

Moonlight shone brightly through the window and cast shadows around the room. The curtains fluttered in the gentle breeze from the open window and the wind chime softly swayed about. Together with the whirring fan overhead, it made for a charming lullaby one that was guaranteed to put you to sleep when you were already weary at the end of the day. So sleep I did, blissfully 🙂


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