And yet another semester is coming to an end. Its been one hell of a ride and I’m glad its coming to an end, finally. I guess thats how its supposed to work. Everything passes, no matter what. And in the end all that you are left with are the memories, which is not a bad thing at all, really 🙂

Facebook, Orkut et al

I used to detest social networking once upon a time. Its not like I’m overly fond of it now but I can atleast live with the idea that it exists even though I choose not to be a part of it. (Well actually I don’t really have a choice when it comes to accepting the idea of social networking, seeing as everyone around me talks of little else most of the time, my mother included!) Anyway, getting back to the point, I realised yesterday that maybe its not a bad thing after all. Sometimes, when reality gets a little too much to handle, maybe it would help to escape into the world of smileys, quizzes, superpokes and farmville not to mention browsing through countless photographs uploaded by someone or the other. Writing silly, inane messages on someone’s wall, chatting, sending out invites, accepting invites, checking updates have all become such a part of life these days. So what does it all really mean? Are we evolving as human beings or maybe regressing back to a more primitive state? (coz believe me if we get too caught in the virtual world, I’ve a feeling we won’t have a clue about anything in the real world!) Or is it simply that life is getting more hectic even as we speak and beyond a certain point, the pressure gets too much to handle? We know that crushed grapes make the best wine but can we really say that the pressures in life can bring out the best in all of us? There has always been a notion that people react to stress in only two ways, they produce the best results or no results at all. But what if there is a third category of people who while trying to do their best under pressure mess up at some point of time and end up neither here nor there. These people neither produce the best results nor do they get no results at all, they’re just somewhere in between. What of them then? It is a universal maxim that if you’re not doing your best then don’t do anything at all. But is it humanly possible to deliver your “best” at all points of time? You may argue that we ourselves decide what is the best that we can achieve but don’t we always end up talking about the circumstances we were in when asked about how we have performed? So when we do our best “under so and so circumstances” knowing full well that it is still below our full potential but at the the same time knowing that we couldn’t have done more: what does it mean? What then happens to all the hard work that went into it? Does it count for anything? Does it matter at the end of the day that you gave it your best shot? Just because it was still not good enough, what do we do about it? The answer: NOTHING. We can talk and talk and bury ourselves with words, but we never do anything about the situation we find ourselves. The situation ends up dictating the terms of our life and at the end of the day, the only way we rebel, the only action we take is to log on to facebook, orkut et al.