Of Misfits and Magic Carpets

I just watched this video on TED about the beauty of being a misfit and I found it so poignant. There have been so many times in my life when I have felt like one. In that moment when you feel that way, just a little awkward, slightly out of place, putting on an air of unconcern, there is really nothing to do except to tell yourself ‘this too shall pass’. But it nags you, the feeling that there must have been something you could have done to make things a little easier or the wonder at how others seemed so comfortable. Over time however you learn to turn that into an advantage. Because you don’t really fit anywhere exactly, you start creating your own niche and you become more confident and independent as a result of it. So one fine day, when you are surprised to find yourself in a group where you actually do fit in, you appreciate it more than anyone else could and then you even find yourself at times, stepping away from the group when fancy strikes because you have a part of your life where they don’t fit in. There is a beauty in it, being able to step between both worlds and as the speaker in the talk says, you just need to give it a voice. So here goes nothing.

I hate categories and generalizations but I think that deep down I am an introvert and always have been. I love reading, have loved it from the moment I could read; the thrill of escaping into another world was beyond anything I had experienced until then. This single passion of mine has been my pillar of support through every good and bad time in my life. In every situation, when all else failed, I could always pick up my book again and read. It would always be there. Writing is more of an amusement simply because I enjoy reading. I try and see how well I can weave my words and if I would ever consider my own writing seriously (jury is still out on that). I enjoy my drink and like good conversation; put them together and that makes my day. But I can’t stand clubs with their loud music for too long unless of course I’m in the mood to dance. I like quiet dinners and hearty food but I also enjoy rowdy gatherings with close friends where it doesn’t even matter what the food is. Watching the sunset is a timeless classic and sitting on a pristine beach doing nothing but contemplating the view is proof that there is a God. Daydreaming about a life far removed from my own is also a guilty pleasure. Striking up conversation with new people gives me mild panic attacks unless of course they are one of those super friendly people who make everyone around them feel comfortable. Telling unfunny jokes when I’m nervous or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time are other traits of mine (endearing I hope). I laugh out loud without bothering a damn who it annoys (not so endearing I’ve been told). I also talk too much when I’m with people I know and about subjects I’m passionate about (don’t get me started on food). I can also be quite the obsessive compulsive pain in the ass (took me a while to admit to that) and that’s the end of the list because nothing quite tops it.

All in all, this is what a misfit looks like. If it sounds familiar, that’s because we all have a bit of the misfit gene lurking inside of us. So today is the day to just celebrate it and be proud of yourself for it.


PS # The magic carpet reference was just to make the title seem more interesting than it is. And Robert Downey Jr. is up there just because he looks so good. Maybe I’m a bit eccentric too.