The Begining…

A hundred thousand words wanted to pour out of her lips. A mysterious smile flashed before her eyes. A turbulant life was coming to an end and yet strangely enough, in those final moments before losing consciousness, she wanted to cling on with all her might to the vestiges of a life that was at the same time beautiful and ugly; anguished and serene; stark and plentiful…
The surprise was so great that her eyes opened of their own accord and focussed on the ceiling fan whirring above her head vainly trying to dispel the oppresive summer heat. The sharpness of the picture brought back to her some sense of reality, a feeling she did not cherish in the least and she was immediately conscious of the hard flooring on which she lay and the pain that throbbed at her left wrist. She wondered how long she had lain in a stupor and realised with a shock that two hours had passed since she had stuggled with her conscience for the last time and had decided to slash her wrists in an attempt to rid herself the life she was caught in. But alas it had been two hours and yet she lay on the foor surrounded by a pool of her own blood, alive and conscious. Three things were very clear to her, one that she had failed and was secretly quite glad of the fact; two that she would never again attempt to do away with herself no matter what the circumstances (it had been very eerie, the feeling that had engulfed her when the implications of her act had dawned upon her) and three, she now had the task of cleaning up the mess she had made so that no one would ever find out. Sighing, she got up from the floor, ignoring the slight dizziness that came with it and tried to sort through the blurry images racing around in her head. In her unsteady state, she paused at the window, saw the first signs of dawn in the distant horizon and took in a deep breath of the fresh morning air and smiled. A new day had come and with it had come hope that things might not always be as bad as they seemed…

PS # My first attempt at fiction, please forgive the idiocy!

You Know You’re in Bombay When….

…your already frizzy hair expands to twice it’s usual size!
…you feel like taking a bath immediately after you’ve already had one
…when the food you thought you’d never see miraculously appears on the table (ok thats just for me coz I just got home 🙂 )
…two hours is the reasonable time to get anywhere
…when in those two hours you never once ask how much longer and are extremely surprised when you actually reach your destination
…the roads you saw dug up the last time you were here are still dug up for reasons that are entirely different from the last time
…every shop has a Marathi sub-title
…you can pick up the phone and order anything from a dozen eggs to a bottle of sprite and it gets delivered in 10 minutes
…there are people on the streets more than ever before!

if you can think of anymore, please do add on!