Power of The Pen…

What do you do when you are feeling blue? What is the one guaranteed method to get you out of the dumps? For me, it’s writing. Writing what, you might ask. Anything I’d say, as long as it involves the stringing together of words to create something meaningful. Words have a beautiful way of soothing my very soul for you see words are the only things that last. They can paint a thousand pictures of things long gone just so that we may know about them. They can build before our eyes the birth and death of civilizations as well as propel us forward into the realms of the unknown. Ironically, words are just as capable of dispelling great things into nothingness just as they can exalt the smallest of things to the heavens. Words are also capable of confusing us human beings no end. Just like right now, there are too many words swimming aroug in my head, each one trying to push itself forward so that it may be seen…

Mumbai – “City of DreamZ” say some; “City of CrowdZ” is more appropriate. Took a bus ride today after a long time. Had quite forgotten how crowded it could get.

Pune – Lovely place, lovely weather. Can’t wait to get back there, the humidity in Bombay is killing me!

Goa – Gonna be there soon…with nothing to do except enjoy the sun ‘n’ sand (and the sleep!)

Kolkata – At the back of my mind but never forgotten, this is home now and forever. Can never be away from it in spirit…

Gurgaon – This is a city that will always remain frozen in time for me. I’ll never get used to the endless malls and huge buildings everywhere.

So now that they (the words ofcourse!) are all out, I feel much better and I guess this is the power of the pen…

2 thoughts on “Power of The Pen…”

  1. y u said bad things abt bombay jubba? ders nice things also na? but i knw wat u mean abt d writing makin u feel better thing, love u

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