The Greeness Of Leaves…

The greeness of leaves…have you ever wondered what that is all about? I mean why are leaves green anyway? No, the answer I am looking for is NOT chlorophyll (although it is doubtless the correct one!). I just think that green is an amazing colour which is why it is the colour of the thing that sustains life on earth. Simple, isn’t it? There are just so many other things in life that are just as simple, but we human beings would love nothing better than to complicate them. Take feelings for instance, there are a million times in our lives when we absolutely and certainly feel a certain way but since we are stuck with the notion that things can’t be as simple as that, we COMPLICATE matters. Thats right, we analyze the situation from 20 different angles, wondering if we have missed something, however minute in an attempt to convince ourselves that our feelings are flawed or incorrect only to later realize that they were bang on target. I often wonder what would happen if we simply accepted the fact that life is very simple, so why not go with the flow?

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