Here Goes Nothing…

Well, here goes nothing…This is my first ever blog and hopefully not my last.
A year of college is almost up and it’s only now that I realise the fact. Why now, you might ask. The reply, as crazy as it may sound is that the Oscars will be airing in a few hours time. What is the connection? Well last year, I had the luxury of making myself a cup of coffee and comfortably settling down on my favourite spot on the couch and viewing the aforementioned award ceremony for the entire length of it’s screening (Of course this had it’s repercussions, namely my mother’s incessant screams that I would fail my Board Exams). This year however, being away from home and living in a hostel, the few of us enthusiasts will have to settle for cold, hard, plastic chairs and most probably no coffee (sigh!). As thoughts of home come back to me with speed that will definitely defy light and sound, I find my enthusiasm fading. I’m sure I will spend the entire time reminiscing about absolutely pointless things, which might not be too bad actually but certainly defeats the purpose of waking up at 5 am! I truly salute the enthusiasm displayed by a fellow fan of the Oscars; in her own words, “I am getting up and watching, no matter what!!”. I must mention here that this is the person, who has to be literally hauled out of bed during exams in order to complete her revision. I guess that is what life is about – ironies. Anyway she has solemnly promised to give me a buzz once she is up so that we may not break ranks, even though I am still in two minds. Lets see what the morning brings….Till then Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Here Goes Nothing…”

  1. Oh n now u miss coffee! Stupid chai woman! I know wat u mean tho, was too depressed to watch d Oscars…Heath Ledger won, I cried remembering him! Love ya!

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