The Days Of Our Lives

I think the time has now arrived to explain exactly how and why this blog was created. The original idea was that the bunch of us are so crazy that there should be a book dedicated to all our antics (well..maybe not all). That idea was soon scrapped as we realised that no one in their right mind would publish a book with no literary content whatsoever and thus dear reader you are one of the fortunate ones to witness for yourself, the Days Of Our Lives (Sorry, totally ripped that off FRIENDS). Anyway, just to give you a glimpse of the stuff you can expect, here are some snippets of incidents so far….

One day it was decided that since the mess dinner was unbearable, the order of the day would be Maggi. Mind you this was one of our initial days in the hostel when we used to religiously eat whatever food was doled out to us, so it was a big achievement (you could almost call it a rebellion!). Anyway the long and short of it was that we ended up with one packet of Maggi to be shared among 9 (very hungry!) girls. Needless to say it was quite a sight to see everyone diving to get a bite of dinner!

Another incident that comes to mind was the time when a few of us were burning the midnight lamp in order to finish a project, and a certain someone (OK, it was me) made the mistake of dozing off for a little while (can’t have been more than 5 minutes) only to wake up and discover that my face was covered in designs (with permanent markers!) that would scare even the most vicious of tribes in the heart of Africa. The perpetrators of this crime (who barely escaped prosecution) were quite shameless, rolling with laughter and laughing harder when it was discovered that the marks wouldn’t all come off! This continued for 2 days i might add!

Thats all for today folks but many, many more to come….Till then Cheers!

4 thoughts on “The Days Of Our Lives”

  1. So much fun! 😀 Hostel rocks! Though never lived in one. The boys hostel is too expensive. And then we say we have the right to equality in India!(Scared, of the mahilamandal that is going to attack my comment)A scared cheers!

  2. rohini…m sorry for the marker incident….bt u cant publicize such stuff..!!!tohugh its sooo amazing to thnk of all tht crap we did…doesnt look like we hv known each other for hardly a year….lou u rohini…!!

  3. wow….so nw sumone is actually documenting wat crap we do….im sure by the end of 3 years we vil be laughing stock of the college..(if u get a lot of readers that is)bt seriously….wow..a wunderfully written one…luv u lots…ishita 🙂

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