On Indecision

It rained today. Heavily. Falling straight like a curtain without a hint of breeze and sounding powerful enough to wash away everything on the planet. Well maybe that’s an exaggeration but it was quite awe inspiring. This kind of rain makes you want to curl up by the window with a cup of tea and a good book and just lose yourself. I’m really glad about it actually. It’s been really sulky weather for the last two weeks with odd spells of rain as if the sky couldn’t really make up its mind. That is something I positively detest: indecision. I hate it when I see it in others and I hate it even more when I’m being indecisive myself. And apparently I don’t like it much when the weather is being indecisive :). I am fond of extremes: boiling heat, thrashing rain, biting cold, I’m quite happy with them all.

My trip down memory lane is going splendidly. This is the first time that I am reading the books chronologically and I must say that it is even more delightful this way. Small nuggets of information and continuing storylines of ‘village parallels’ show up across books and gladdens my detail oriented heart. In addition, I am noticing something more in my reading this time. There are very strong moral strictures woven into the stories but done in such a way so as not to bore the reader. It is really quite an achievement. It’s also interesting to learn about the time period and what life was like back then and there. Novels, I belive are much better at instructing one on history than history books themselves.

  • The Murder at The Vicarage
  • The Collected Short Stories
  • The Body in The Library
  • The Moving Finger
  • A Murder is Announced
  • They Do It with Mirrors
  • A Pocket Full of Rye
  • 4.50 from Paddington
  • The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side
  • A Caribbean Mystery
  • At Bertram’s Hotel
  • Nemesis
  • Sleeping Murder

Since the rain has left the a cool and breezy after taste in the atmosphere, I shall take my own advice and curl up with the next book in my list and just lose myself till sleep overtakes me.


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