GMAT Prep: Day Three

Got too late finishing up last night so didn’t manage to post. I had one major and one minor epiphany yesterday. The major one had to do with the GMAT preparation. I realized that it is of no use working on a particular topic and practicing lots of different questions and getting really awesome at it. What really happens in a test is that you have a mixed bag of questions, you never know what topic or topics is gonna come up in the next question. And that’s really when the problem begins, you may have a very complete knowledge about a subject and learnt all the formulas and shortcuts there are but somehow when the question comes out of the blue, you have no idea what to do with it even though it is staring at you in the face! This is especially true when you are timing yourself and trying to finish certain number of questions in certain minutes. So here’s my two pence worth of advice. When preparing for any such exam which is a) time bound and b) draws questions from multiple subject areas; always prepare by practicing the way it actually appears on the test. This means that you should:

  1. Always time yourself and and try to finish within that time. It’s no good to say, oh if only I had more time, I would have got that one. In the real exam there is no more time than what is allotted. By all means, while reviewing the answers, finish what you couldn’t and figure out where and why you went wrong but recognize that you’ve lost the score on that one and you ideally shouldn’t make that mistake again. It’s actually a very powerful way to learn.
  2. Always practice a mixed bag of questions. Sure, you should learn the concepts beforehand and make yourself notes that you can always check through but don’t think that solving 30 questions of a subject guarantees that you know it like the back of your hand. You could still be stumped in the actual test scenario if a question is twisted or if it is combined with another subject. I’d rather have these curve balls thrown at me right from the time I practice.

I realize that I can in no way substantiate this advice at this point so just a disclaimer that you should try and find out from other sources as well.

The second epiphany was not really an epiphany but a re-realization of the fact that cooking is therapeutic! I have cooked dinner for the last 2 nights in a row and boy have I felt good after that. It didn’t hurt that the dishes turned out pretty damn brilliant too! Have a look at last night’s pasta 🙂


So in short, any time you’re feeling blue, just head to kitchen and cook something, trust me you’ll smile. Until then, Cheers!

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