Things I Like…

My cousin challenged me to write an essay on things I like and this was the result

I like writing, it really makes me happy but strangely I need to be in the right mood and that doesn’t happen all the time. But today is one of those days and I have been writing a lot, case in point being this essay!

The other thing I really enjoy is something that doesn’t have an exact word to describe it. It’s basically about enjoying the little things in life. So a cool breeze at the end of a hot summer’s day, the sound of rain on the window pane, reading my favourite books, falling asleep to nice music, just laying in bed relaxing doing absolutely nothing and the list goes on!

I like making plans, and some of them can be extremely improbable and most of the time I do nothing about them just build them up in my head and then put them away. Let’s see maybe someday I’ll actually put one of them to action!

I like having interesting conversation, discovering a new point of view or finding that someone shares your view can both be exhilarating. We can learn so much from every single conversation that we have, it’s amazing, all you have to do is open your mind to it. It usually works best when you don’t have an agenda to fulfill!

Lastly, (and this is something that I learnt today in Facilitation School) I will make a genuine effort to connect with people who are very different from me in their thought process and approach to work. I will not judge them for it, I will still do what I already do in my personal life and look for the best in them because I believe that there is something good in the worst of us and something bad in the best of us.

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