Harvard Business Review Blog: Battle-Tested Tips for Effective Explanation

Read two amazing articles on the Harvard Business Review blog.

The first one titled, Battle-Tested Tips for Effective Explanation is the very interesting concept of dazzling with clarity and simplicity. It gives you 7 simple tips on communicating effectively. It doesn’t matter if your audience is one or hundred, selling your idea is essentially just good communication and good communication is good explanation. So the 7 tips in a nutshell go as follows:

1/ Make Your Audience Feel Smart, Instead of Making Yourself Look Smart
2/ Explain the Forest, Not Just the Trees
3/ Add Details Sparingly
4/ Write Less Copy, Use More Visuals
5/ Remember Your Audience is Human
6/ Focus on Why
7/ Your Job is to Inform Smart People

Highly recommended reading for anyone who has a lot of communicating to do but finds themselves unable to quite clinch it. Cheers!

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