Share a Smile: Part 2

It was Thursday, the end of a very long day, not helped by the painful ankle caused by the car door slamming on my foot, the weekend nowhere in sight and I was just ready to drop. That was before I walked into my building lobby and witnessed the amusing sight of two children trying to play a game of badminton. From the look of them, I would say they were no older than two and four years old. The four year old was instructing the two year old on the nuances of the game. She was even considerate enough to kneel down and play to give him an even chance seeing as this way they were both of the same height. I watched them while I waited for the elevator: the looks of intense concentration, the complete disregard of their surroundings, and the earnest application of their little minds just made my day. We should all take a leaf out of children’s games and apply it to our crazy, fast paced and (supposedly) adult lives. Live for the moment, give it everything you’ve got and don’t think about what anyone else thinks, celebrate each little victory and most importantly keep things simple. The worst thing that could happen are a few scrapes and bruises and the best thing: the exhilaration that comes from having achieved something.


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