Words are funny things, you can twist them up in so many million ways and yet they always mean something. Simple things sometimes can be made to sound so grand that you wouldn’t even recognize them and equally, great things can sound so plain that you might miss them completely. Its almost an art to decipher these curious things called words. There are so many times you might miss their hidden meaning and go for the more obvious one and looking back you might wonder how it could have escaped you. I think that is where the beauty lies, in not knowing, never being completely sure of what exactly they mean. Its the mystery that keeps them alive or else wouldn’t we have progressed to mind reading by now? The simple act of putting one’s thoughts into one’s words can take forever if you consider all the ways it could be done – should I say it as it is or dress it up so that it sounds better? should I hold something back or is it better to leave it all out there? should I be saying it out loud at all or is it best left inside my head? As funny as it may sound, we all do this every time a thought crosses our mind. It’s just that the mind is too used to it and does not register it anymore but deep down in our subconscious, the wheels are always turning and the battle always raging. If the thought at hand it something close to our heart and needs a lot of deliberation, only then do we find ourselves consciously weighing the odds. So it may be all in a day’s work for us but the words are here to stay long after we are gone.

PS # I don’t think fiction is really my forte, so I’ll stick to random vagueness

3 thoughts on “Words…”

  1. Very interesting. And I completely agree with you. When we have a word like 'truth', the usage of which doesn't always imply its absolute meaning, one can really keep spinning in the world of language. 🙂 Keep writing! Your writing, according to me, is subtle and insightful and acts like a guide to a philosophical thought process. Tasty masala for the brain to munch on!

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