You Know You’re in Bombay When….

…your already frizzy hair expands to twice it’s usual size!
…you feel like taking a bath immediately after you’ve already had one
…when the food you thought you’d never see miraculously appears on the table (ok thats just for me coz I just got home 🙂 )
…two hours is the reasonable time to get anywhere
…when in those two hours you never once ask how much longer and are extremely surprised when you actually reach your destination
…the roads you saw dug up the last time you were here are still dug up for reasons that are entirely different from the last time
…every shop has a Marathi sub-title
…you can pick up the phone and order anything from a dozen eggs to a bottle of sprite and it gets delivered in 10 minutes
…there are people on the streets more than ever before!

if you can think of anymore, please do add on!

5 thoughts on “You Know You’re in Bombay When….”

  1. thats not what i said, its just that i dont enjoy it too much but i have to admit its growing on me as well, i actually miss it when i'm away and hence this post was more of an irony than anything else 🙂

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