The World of Studies…

Today, I realised the futility of education. As a matter of course, we students of BBA are required to study a subject called ‘Organizational Behaviour’. An admirable subject, one that I quite enjoy under ordinary circumstances, but today it reached heights of ridiculousness like never before. Today we studied the ‘Punctuated Equillibrium Model’ which applies to temporary groups working with deadlines. If it sounds very impressive, let me assure you at the very outset that it is nothing of the sort. You will see what I mean when I give you a simple example of a school project in which you have to work with a group and finish by a particular date. Hasn’t it always been the experience that, before we know it half the time is over and when the deadline is looming, the best work gets done at phenominal speeds (usually the night before!). That is exactly what this ‘Model’ attempts to explain, using words that could easily bounce off your head without a moment’s notice. Behaviour of human beings working in temporary groups with deadlines have been studied and the performance v/s time graph has been plotted to tell us what we’ve known since atleast class 7, that performance is always at it’s highest when the time is short and the pressure is on. Except that the ‘Punctuated Equillibrium Model’ would say, “Temporary groups go through transitions between inertia and activity”. It really beats me hollow sometimes how so much time is wasted in telling us things that we’ve known for years. Anyway, before it becomes preachy, all I’ll say is that there has to be a limit to the nonsense so I guess I’ll wait around for that. Till then, bye!

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