Day 37 – A Topsy Turvy Week

Sometimes I like to imagine my life differently. I think everyone does it but I get so engrossed that I can completely lose track of time when I am off on a boat trip to the deep blue seas of the Mediterranean or lounging on a beach in the Maldives. A lot of my alternate life imaginings are in or around an ocean. I recently finished reading Something in Disguise and I kept imagining myself in the shoes of those characters and I could easily see myself in the story. But just like fiction always has that tiny little bit of unreality about it, so too do my many imaginings. If I ever look back on any of them it becomes immediately clear how out of touch with reality they are. But I guess fantasy is supposed to be outlandish.

It has been a strange week and I haven’t much felt like writing and I struggled quite a bit with the feeling of despair that I broke my streak. But I decided to trust myself to get back to it when I could and so here we are. After I finished reading ‘Something in Disguise’, I started on an audio book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Even though it is hilarious and excellently narrated by Stephen Fry, I am finding the experience quite strange. Before this, I have only read one audio book in my life and I probably forgot just how hard it is for me to focus when I’m listening instead of reading. I have been hooked to a podcast for the last year or so and I thought that an audio book would be no different but I did not account for the fact that (a) I usually take a walk while I’m listening to an audio book and (b) I never listen for more than 45 minutes at a stretch. So when I tried to sit down and listen to audio book expecting to get engrossed for a couple of hours at least (which is my usual when reading a book), I was in for a rude surprise. I got fidgety within 20 minutes. My mind started wandering, I had to stop myself from reaching for my phone and to top it all, I had to keep rewinding because I felt sure I was missing something even when I was not. This is a relatively short audio book, about five and a half hours so I think I will get through this and then go back to ebooks for the rest of my reading challenge books for 2022. I tried listening to the book at night and invariably dozed off in 15 minutes so last night I tricked myself by keeping my glasses on and somehow it worked and I was able to listen to a complete chapter atleast before I succumbed to sleep.

In addition to fantasizing an alternate life for myself, from time to time, I also start wildly researching possible things to study. It usually wears off in a day or two but while it lasts, I really go down the rabbit hole. Today I was researching Public Policy courses which spilled over into online courses in Arts and Humanities. Don’t ask me what is the connection, I just kept following links and whatever stray thoughts jumped into my head.

I watched a movie today, and I have to remind myself that it is much safer than going down the binge watching hell (which describes most of my week by the way). The movie was called ‘Carrie Pilby’ and it has been sitting around in my Netflix list for half a year at least. It is a lot more heartwarming than the trailer had seemed to suggest. I had expected something more stark and so I was very happy with the afternoon well spent.

I’ll signoff with a couple of food pictures. Actually it’s more about the new plate that I bought that I am absolutely in love with and it doesn’t hurt that it makes all food look amazing 🙂

Pasta and grilled cheese sandwich
My everyday lunch looking glammed up

Until next time, Cheers!

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