Day 35 – Reading Always Helps

I had this realisation on the weekend but it still took me three more days to start on my next book. I started it yesterday and I’m enjoying it thoroughly so far. The book is called ‘Something in Disguise’ by Elizabeth Jane Howard. I found it on one those best books of the year lists. In fact that’s part of the problem. I have bulging overflowing list of books that I’ve collected and every time I finish one I am paralysed trying to pick the next one. I’ve decided that the next one I pick will be at random with my eyes closed. Because ultimately I’ve already shortlisted all these books (only fiction made it to my list) so I know I’ll enjoy them. So it absolutely shouldn’t matter what order I read them in. I will let you know how this goes once I finish my current book.

In other news, my motto for the month is officially:

Read More

Write More

Watch Less

I have already failed quite spectacularly in the first 2 days of the month when I binge watched my brains out. I have done much better today and I hope to continue to get better. Cheers!

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