Day 32 – A Wrecking Ball Day

My day started very well. I was reading a beautiful article during breakfast and this part caught my eye…

Diary. To write daily in a diary is to commune with the self. Is diary writing, then, a form of communication? It’s as if the self were two or more persons that had something to say to one another. How are you feeling today? What’s on your agenda? What’s happening, dear writer? Who and how are your beloveds? What’s in the here of here and what’s in the now of now? I’ve never comprehended how those who do not keep a diary or journal can imagine the extent of their thoughts or feelings, their imaginings or dreams or deliberations or doldrums or delights. A diary is a friend to whom all things may be spoken.

I haven’t finished reading the article yet but I am looking forward to it tomorrow. The rest of the day was a wreck and I don’t even want to think about it. I bless the podcast and TV show that kept me sane somehow. I still haven’t picked my next book partly because I have a decision paralysis situation. I have collected too many recommendations and now don’t know which to read next. I think I will just blindly pick a book tonight and just get going. That is the only way I will feel motivated to turn off the TV immediately after dinner and start reading.

Happy first of the month by the way. I don’t know if that’s a thing but I feel weirdly happy to look at my phone display and see the date as number 1.

The union budget is out today. I always ignore the news on the day it is presented and instead wait for the detailed analysis the next day. So tomorrow should be interesting.

Until then, Cheers!

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