Day 031 – Adios January

I know a month is not really enough to say that I’ve created a new habit but it does feel like a bit of an achievement to have reached one month of daily writing. On the personal finance front, I strictly sat down and did all the things I had promised myself I would do at the end of the month. Also, going forward, expense analysis will be a monthly activity instead of an annual one. I am not going through the horror again next January. I haven’t picked out my next book yet but I have a few interesting long reads in progress so I think that’ll keep me busy for another day. I realise I’ve finished 5 books this month which is a great start to my goal of reading 50 books this year. I just have to keep a check on my binge watching tendencies 😅

I feel like signing off with a pic of one of my new favourite breakfasts which just happened to be what I had this morning. Until next time, Cheers!

Steamed veggies with white sauce, poached egg and buttery toast

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