Day 029 – The Matrix Continued

I intended to only watch The Matrix Reloaded but because of the cliffhanger in the end, I couldn’t resist watching The Matrix Revolutions as well. The entire trilogy blew my mind. I cannot believe I waited so long to watch them! Then I watched The Matrix Resurrections trailer and I am now excited to watch that soon. I’ll give it a little while though. I think I need to let the trilogy absorb a bit in my brain before I try to get back into the Matrix.

In other news, I started reading Funny You Should Ask, a book of weird questions and interesting answers. It’s a book written by the hosts of the only podcast I religiously follow: No Such Thing as A Fish. The podcast and book are both hilarious but I am probably more biased towards the podcast since there are so many many past episodes to listen to. They have been accompanying me on my walks and that is probably why I still go for my walks 🙂


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