Day 025 – Chicken Salad

I finished reading ‘One Impossible Labyrinth’ and if it wasn’t for the fact that it brought closure to an entire series, I would really have hated the book. The number of times the author uses the words ‘super’ or ‘ultra’ to emphasize on the sizes of things is insane. I actually wanted to start counting but I thought that it would boil my blood even more. His books are not known for their literary brilliance but I still feel like in the previous 6 books of the series he made some efforts to describe things creatively. Maybe the process of writing just got too tedious for him. It certainly seems so from the measly length of the book. Since he wrapped things up quite neatly I don’t think the length is a problem but I certainly did not get my money’s worth (the Kindle edition cost around Rs. 800).

Anyway, after the dissatisfaction of that book, I was very happy to prepare my signature Chicken Salad which will go with me to a picnic tomorrow! I am so excited for this that I probably might even forget about putting up a blogpost tomorrow. I will do my best to remember.

Until then, Cheers!

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