Day 023 – No One Is Talking About This

I finished reading No One Is Talking About This today and it made me think about life. This entire weekend I have been pondering about the question of what quality of life means. I have been agonizing over what to interpret from my analysis of expenses. Should I reduce my expenses now to save up for a better holiday in future not to mention a better retirement? Although at the rate the world is going, all my savings and investments will be worth much less as more time passes. So ‘better’ may just be an illusion. I’m probably only making sure that I continue to have the same quality of life as I do currently. And that is just depressing. Of course I have a lot to be grateful for but there is also so much more that I want to do and this fickle little thing we invented called money dictates whether I can or cannot do them. So is it better then to keep slaving away just to provide for the future or should I also live it up a little in the present? The past few years I have actually done just that. Lived it up quite a bit; within my means but maybe a tad unnecessarily. I don’t regret what’s already done but maybe this year I should try easing back a bit and see what difference it makes to my financial position. I just hope I don’t return to the long ago days of agonizing (and sometimes paralyzing) anxiety over spending decisions. I think it’s a common saying that rich people stay rich by pinching pennies. I think I’ll find out how true it. I am going to start with redeeming all my credit card points into amazon vouchers which will be my book buying fund for the year. Or I may go nuts and buy myself that iPad I have been eying (and talking myself out of).

I have spent most of the day reading and when I did take a break it was to cook myself some red sauce pasta with smoked bacon cubes. It was an excellent dinner if I say it so myself 🙂

Pasta in red sauce with smoked bacon cubes

I am going to round off the day watching this movie called Peter’s Friends which intrigued me when I read about it in a review.

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