Day 014 – It’s all about the HAIR!

It has been one of those days when it simultaneously feels like the day flew by and that it lasted forever. Since the holiday today felt like such a bonus, I decided it was a good idea to dive into hair research all over again. I go down this rabbit hole periodically and every time I think there is not much more left for me to learn, I end up learning something new. Today’s learnings were quite eye opening and I cannot wait to put them into practice. In fact, even as I write this, I am trying our a hair refresh technique for the first time. Keeping fingers crossed to see great results in the morning.

I finished reading ‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney today. I would have finished it last night if it hadn’t been for the need to sleep but I’m glad I was full awake and alert for the ending which I read over breakfast and my cup of coffee. My issue with the previous book of hers that I read was perfectly addressed in this one. The ending was satisfyingly unsatisfactory. There was only a semblance of closure; I didn’t know whether the characters were going to ever get a happily ever after; I didn’t know whether they would fall into their old and frankly toxic patterns; I couldn’t even be sure if this was the ending of the book (I checked and my Kindle assured me that I had indeed finished 100% of the book). The only thing I did know for sure was that these characters had grown and it was an uphill climb and that I cheered them on, every step of the way and felt their frustrations at every setback. I think I liked not knowing exactly how things turned out for them. I am not going to sit around imagining their lives ahead but if the thought of them ever pops into my head, I may indulge myself for a few minutes (or hours). With this I am putting a self imposed ban on reading Sally Rooney for now. I am so tempted to binge read all her books, short stories and essays but I get the feeling that I would soon become jaded if I did. This style is probably best read at intervals. It’s funny though that I can read all of Jane Austen’s books one after the other and not have this feeling. I might actually revisit her soon.

We made koraishutir kochuri once again today. That makes it twice this month. I feel like we go overboard with good things sometimes but at this moment when I am so happy with my meal, it is hard to feel too much regret. In our defense, green peas are in season so if not now, then when would we indulge ourselves? Also coming up this weekend will be a green peas soup. Let’s see how that turns out.

The least memorable item of the day was watching ‘Eternals’. I am very very glad I did not risk the theatre for this film. I have already forgotten most of what I have seen unfold during the movie and I have absolutely no curiosity about the sequel. I don’t think I have ever felt this way about a Marvel movie. I don’t even feel too aggrieved about it. I am just accepting it and moving on.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a productive weekend ahead. Cheers!

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