Day 007 – Star Trek Discovery Continued…

So I have a deal to make here. If I find myself only writing about what I have been watching for 7 days straight then I know it’s time to give up this project, cancel all my OTT subscriptions and possibly even lock away my laptop. But since that day has not arrived yet, I can happily write about Star Trek Discovery for the second day in a row. Season 4 just keeps on giving. I ended up watching 3 episodes again even through I promised myself I would only watch 2. Which leaves me with only one episode left to watch until they release the next one on 10th February. I really hope the 7th episode which I will watch on the weekend does not end on a cliffhanger. I am 80% sure that it will be, going by Star Trek track record, but I can still hope.

There have been so many references to past Star Trek shows this season. I’m pretty sure I have missed a few but whatever I did catch were all excellent. Once I am done watching the 7th episode and am no longer afraid of spoilers, I will be obsessively reading and watching every analysis, Easter egg unpacking and trivia about this season to my hearts content. Maybe that is what will tide me over while I wait for precious new episodes to release. Maybe I’ll even attempt an essay of my own. As they say in Star Trek, anything is possible

Until then, Cheers!

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