Day 001 – Happy New Year

I have decided this year that I will begin journaling. Daily journaling. As soon as I had made this decision, I noticed the time: 11:30 PM. So I guess this is not going to be a very thoughtful or well written post; which actually suits me fine. Spouting things off the top of my head is one of my specialties. And in this way, it kind of reduces the pressure to maintain a certain level of quality as the days go on. If someone other than me is reading this, you are probably better off moving on right about now. The only reason I am journaling on a blog is because it is so full of cobwebs that I am pretty sure that the internet has forgotten about it. And so I feel quite safe in the knowledge that my thoughts are, well, safe.

So let me begin with: Happy New Year! I began the year almost as thoughtlessly as I began this post. The big difference from every other new year before this? I was not hung over this morning AND I did not let myself get away with spending the entire day lazing just because it is a holiday. I acted like it was any other Saturday and set myself a list of tasks to accomplish for the weekend. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with lazing around on your hard earned holidays or even on a random weekend but looking back on the year gone by, I have the uncomfortable feeling that I have carried the thought too far and I could have instead been doing something interesting. So with that in mind, I set myself some targets for the month:

  • Be super productive (this has nothing to do with work. I’ll explain more in the coming days)
  • Find your joy (it just occurs to me that I should have written find ‘my’ joy)
  • Don’t be lazy (or at-least be less lazy than usual)

With that target set, I first took on the mammoth task of cleaning out my desk. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was cleaning it out but unfortunately it has probably been 6 months since I tackled this task. My desk has taken advantage of my apathy for organisation, to run completely wild. Nothing seemed to fitting where they are supposed to lately. I am proud to say that I have now prevailed and my desk is going to go back to being the subservient tool that it is supposed to be until in 6 months time we find ourselves in a role reversal once again where I am the one pleading with the desk to please co-operate and let me shut the drawers without protest.

I cannot take all the credit for getting it done however. A large part of the process was the decision that some books have got to go. It was a heart breaking decision. This is only the second time in my life that I have given away books. And even though most of these books are dreary management books, I still feel that little tug in my heart that says: nooooo! But once I saw how well I could fit all my other junk (yes, we’ll get to that too. I have way too many notebooks), I was able to steel my heart and research options for book donation. The actual giving away part might take a few days so that can be my grieving period. I can probably page through a few books and that’ll also help me feel better about my decision.

In other news, I dealt with one particularly difficult adulting chore: name transfer with a utility provider. I earned the drink and the chocolate cake I had with that. Very happily for me, the last couple of hours of my day has been spent on reading a new book which is absolutely delightful. Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney. I found it on a Goodreads annual list and was very intrigued after reading a review. I will talk about this some more later as well

Until then, Cheerio!

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