28 Days of February

I used to be fascinated by the concept of the leap year: one extra day every 4 years! Of course once you understand the logic behind it, it’s not that fascinating but it’s still kind of thrilling. It’s not as if I did anything special on the day except finish reading a very fascinating book so I guess that counts.

I have never been a fan of reading lists. Whether they are ‘classics’ or ‘must read’ or ‘super funny’, I never paid attention to these bits of collective wisdom from strangers. I know what you’re thinking. The next thing she’ll say is that she is now a convert. Well I’m not yet a convert but a list that I found recently has seriously given me reason to hope. It wasn’t so much the list but the brilliancy of the books themselves that shone through. Hats off to the creator of the list to describe them just right to catch the attention of the reader. The article declared as it’s heading: 7 Best Books That Will Radically Shift The Way You See The World and I must say that it seems to be keeping up it’s promise so far. I would highly recommend it to everyone purely based on the first one. It has actually got me thinking. Once I finish this list (and it will take some time, no worries about that), I intend to seek out more such lists. More books that will radically shift the way I see the world. Suggestions are welcome!

In other news, I watched the Oscars this year. I remember the first and last time I watched the entire ceremony while it aired. It was in 2008 and the ‘Best Original Song’ was won by this hauntingly beautiful song called Falling Slowly. To this day, I have the song in my phone and I listen to it often. I also remember that at that time, I hadn’t seen any of the movies that were up for nominations. Looking at the list now, I am happy to report that I have seen most of them and enjoyed them a great deal. From this year’s Oscar nominated crop, I had only seen La La Land and Moana and there were both a treat. How Far I’ll Go from Moana really should have won the Best Original Song Award.

Well that’s all for now. Wishing everyone happy reading and humming and a great month ahead.


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