Pros and Cons

A lot has been said and written about the joys and sorrows of living alone. So I thought I should add my two pence. First the joys (I am ever the optimist):

  1. Eat WHATEVER you want, WHENEVER you want it. Those of you who know me, will not be surprised that food tops my list. But I feel like I must give other readers some background information. I love eating. It’s as simple as that. I’m rarely fussy about what I will or will not eat (although I doubt I’d try some of the more exotic cuisines on the planet). So I’m the adult equivalent of the happy go lucky baby who eats whatever is put before her (PS: I was such a baby). Having said that, I do have my favourites. Breakfast food tends to feature higher on my list that other things. So these days I’m eating a lot of it. My sandwiches start from the basic ham and cheese and go right up to the colossal lettuce, ham, cucumber, egg and cheese one that I just devoured (for dinner). Then I began to experiment. The other day I added thinly sliced fried eggplant (aubergine) to my sandwich instead of the cucumber; the result absolutely brilliant. Then I went crazy another day and added fried onions; the result was quite heavenly. Then another day, I boiled and mashed a potato and then fried it along with an onion and stuffed that in my sandwich. I could go on but you get the picture. Please note that I also occasionally eat healthy food like salads. A particular one I am proud of had boiled broccoli, baby corn, carrots, egg, potato along with lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes all tossed together in ranch dressing (the boiled egg makes all the difference so don’t bother without it).
  2. Never having to worry about keeping the volume down. Some songs and movies are intended by god to be loud. So it makes a nice change if no one is yelling at you to turn it down or worse, having to stuff in earphones.
  3. Doing your laundry only once a week. This one is especially delightful. When its only you, somehow the laundry basket doesn’t threaten to explode and shower you with dirty clothes if you haven’t checked it in a couple of days.

And now the cons.

  1. Cooking for yourself. Why is this a problem you ask? After all the raving above? Well unfortunately no matter how much I love to eat, the food just refuses to cook and present itself in front of me whenever I want it. It takes time and effort and shows me just how much a lazy bone I have (I have eaten the occasional peanut butter on bread)
  2. Remembering to do the dishes. I used to think this would line up on the pros column. Maybe if it wasn’t bothering anyone, it would be okay to leave them lying in the sink for a few days (or a week). But unfortunately, it suddenly leads to ants becoming your best friends and moving in with you.
  3. Buying groceries. I never liked this task even when I lived at home with family, but somehow it feels worse when it’s just for myself. I’ve been tricking myself so far: Its a trip to the mall! We’ll get ice cream and maybe even a nice lunch, or how about a doughnut? And also, before leaving, you’ll need to stop by the hypermarket, no big deal. Apparently bread and eggs can’t trot along and come knocking at my door.

On that disgruntled note, I think I’ll sign off. Until next time.


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