A Little Pondering

I took the bus today, took me twice as long to reach home than if I had taken the train but that was fine. Just the simple pleasure of sitting in an almost empty bus, by the window, feeling the breeze on my face was enough. I had a magazine for company and the time was spent quite happily. It just reminds me to be grateful for the little things in life and also that some things never change (read: the slow rambling bus routes in Mumbai).

Change is a wonderful thing and without accepting that, one would tend to find oneself always out of step with reality. But somethings will not and should not change and those will be the pillars holding us up, the foundations of the future. For example, I am not much of a picture taker (I don’t particularly enjoy being clicked either) and I don’t think that that’ll ever change. I prefer capturing moments in my head and cherish them. When the moment is important enough, you will remember it, there will be no need for the picture to serve as a reminder. I once thought that my blog would be more interesting if I had more pictures on it. But that just made me very anxious every time I wrote something because I would worry about the perfect picture to accompany it. In the end it made me not want to write and that was just sad so I stopped trying. I might still put up a picture from time to time if the mood strikes but that’s about it. I’m not one for endless clicking and uploading of pictures on Facebook, Instagram et al. I like to think that this says something about me but what that something might be is a mystery still.

Another of my pet peeves that hasn’t changed much over the years is to be lazy about things that are important to me. Somehow it is so much easier to put my back into things when someone else is holding the reins and there is a possibility of disappointing them. But the things that I care about often fall to the wayside, like my writing for example or exercising or let’s face it, my applications to B-Schools. I’m quite disappointed in myself about this actually and this is something that definitely needs to change. Life is all about balance. Too much of anything is not good but its one hell of an effort to bring about such a change. But like I observed earlier, change is wonderful :P. This is probably the perfect example. I hereby solemnly swear to make conscious and careful decisions from here onwards and find my balance. It will be an uphill task and many many battles before I’m satisfied with how things are but here’s a promise that I will get there. Enough said.

Until next time.


PS # This probably sounds like a resolution that should have been made in the new year. But hey I’m lazy remember? So its a tad late 😛

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