Vinco Vici Victum

Translation: Conquer, Overcome, Master, Win, Surpass, Excel

After the two weeks I have had, I have come to believe that an MBA is actually a 4 year program. From the moment you begin to even think about embarking on this path till you finally graduate, it is a non stop and absolutely breathless process of preparation. If one even tries to just read every single thing written about the subject online, I’m pretty sure it would take an entire year. A year doing nothing else mind you. So those of us interested in a life, a job, food, sleep and exercise, it would probably take well over two. And here’s the irony, reading and researching is only one tiny part of the process. One-fifteenth of the process to be precise, according to the generally accepted list of steps 😛

But jokes aside, I am eternally grateful for the gift of the internet and for the kindness of so many people willing to lend a helping hand. “Ask and you shall receive” kept playing through my mind as I browsed countless pages of resources. After a lot of skimming, clipping, bookmarking, downloading and organizing, just when I thought I had a handle on things, I would find one more link to one more site where I found one more thing to save and you get the picture.

Well I am pleased to report that ultimately, I have arrived at a plan. This plan is in no way original or as detailed as it should be. But its a start and my next week will be dedicated to thorough research about the vague idea of my goals and writing them down!

MBA Admissions To Do List
MBA Admissions To Do List

I take my hat off to all all those who have been successful on this journey and I sincerely hope that I can call myself one of you someday.


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