GMAT Prep: Week Five

It has been an interesting week.. took some time off to research colleges and I must say there is a lot to find out about! Took only a cursory glance at 5 colleges but took a while nevertheless. It actually got me excited thinking about where all this is leading. So far, just the challenge of the exam has been keeping me going but now that I’m quite used to that, it helps to look at the larger picture. Helps to keep me focussed. I also made a conscious decision to keep myself more updated about the affairs of the world. Currently it is way too sporadic to be of much use. And while I was out there compiling a reading list of newspapers, journals et al, I found this video on which I found absolutely amazing, which also led to me to read up a little bit more about the speaker, nobel prize winner, Daniel Kahneman. Let’s just say that now I know what the term behavioural economics means.

Until next time, Cheers!

PS # I am now officially a fan of the sitcom Modern Family, keeps me company during meals 🙂

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