GMAT Prep: Day Seven

Today was a milestone day! In exactly one month, my leave from work ends. On the one hand, I’m very happy with what I have achieved in the past one week and on the other, it’s sobering to realise just how much of a climb is ahead. With that though I plowed right into my studies today, thereby making up for yesterday’s slacking.

I have either forgotten or I never actually knew just how much there is to know about verbs! My head is practically spinning from reading about all the rules and the exceptions to the rules and everything else there is to know about words. I’m suddenly very happy to look at math. Atleast there are no surprises there, I may be rusty on a few concepts, but once I go through it, I do remember it.

It was also a day to be illogically happy about inconsequential things. Like my new set of tupperware bottles 🙂

Tupperware Bottles
Tupperware Bottles

Until next time, Cheers!

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