GMAT Prep: Day Six

Well the day after the full test was a slow one, didn’t exactly finish everything that I was supposed to but I’m not going to stress over it (okay I was being lazy on a Sunday; in my defense, even the GMAT guide says to take one day off in the week :P). The weather was amazing, really beautiful and my eyes kept straying towards the window. Learnt a lot about the much dreaded phrases and clauses and a caught just a glimpse of the verbs section; looks like it will be a roller coaster :P.

The village of Ardmore in Ireland where Nora Robert's Irish Trilogy books are set
The village of Ardmore in Ireland where Nora Robert’s Irish Trilogy books are set

I re-read a book, a beautiful novel set in Ireland, with descriptions that almost make you feel like you can reach out and touch the images (see above). A very restful book, it got me thinking about life in general. Most of us know that we should stop and smell the roses and yet we rarely do. The few times we do, it feels so amazing that we cherish those moments, foolishly believing that they are only precious because they are rare. Well unlike the precious minerals in this world, these moments are plenty: we only have to look for them. So I believe that taking the time at the end of the day to write a few lines about the day is my way of taking in the moment. What’s yours?

Until next time, Cheers!

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