GMAT Prep: Day One

Today I found happiness: in the form of a 1 Month GMAT Study Schedule. It basically gives you a day by schedule of how you can ace the GMAT in 30 days! Well hurray I say (I love schedules and timetables you see). So far I’ve quite diligently followed the Day One instructions in addition to analysing my GMAT Diagnostic Test Results which turned out much better than I expected. The universe does conspire to make you happy sometimes 🙂

The Official GMAT Guide: Diagnostic Test Scores
The Official GMAT Guide: Diagnostic Test Scores

As anticipated, I know I need to work on my math quite a bit but I was very happy with the rest. Some very interesting (I mean myth busting) things I learnt today:

  1. You shouldn’t worry about the test being computer adaptive, just apply yourself the best way you can
  2. I already knew this one but I really really have to work on implementing it: There is always an easier way to do any math problem and there is always more than one way to solve it, just have to look
  3. Taking notes in the reading comprehension questions actually saves time! I really have to try that one because presently I do go back to the paragraph more than once to check up on stuff
  4. It’s kind of cool to know the correct terms for things which you always vaguely referred to in your head. “Logical Predication”, “Rhetorical Construction”,  “Argument Evaluation” just to name a few 😛

I think that’s all for today. Cheers!

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