Best Day Ever

I thought for a while about what my best day ever would be, and well here it goes…

There would definitely be reading involved, an ‘aha’ moment would be a bonus. It’s that moment when while reading something you realize some profound truth like never before and most likely it stays with you for a while and anytime there is a reference to it, you are taken back to the day when you first realized it and you can remember every detail of the moment.

There would also be some organizing involved: desk, closet, inbox, phone, reading list, could be anything. The satisfaction of knowing that I have taken that one step closer to perfection (even though no such thing exists!) is exhilarating.

The weather of course would be sunny with clear blue skies, a few wisps of clouds and a strong breeze during the day. The sunset would be fiery red and the twilight would last long. And the night would be clear and cool. Nothing about the weather would be stuffy or disagreeable.

My best day would not however be spent alone because let’s face it, too much of solitude gets lonely. But nothing too eventful either, maybe a leisurely conversation in the early evening sitting by the window or strolling in the park.

That is all really, all I need for it to be a perfect day…  

This is in response to the daily prompt:

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