Gandhinagar Diaries: Part Two

Well in part one, I was still a newbie enjoying the place with a wide eyed enthusiasm of a child and I had assumed that after a month here I would be more realistic. Fortunately, that has not been the case and I am just as delighted by the place as I was a month ago. Where shall I begin..
The Ahmedabad airport had a nice surprise in the form of this bookstore. Nothing remarkable about the store itself, just the regular kind of stock as a bookstore in any airport but the display windows were just so colourful that I stood staring at them for a long long time.
Another amazing experience was my trip to Baroda. Total time taken : 2.5 hours only!
  1. Bus from Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad : 40 minutes
  2. Waiting time : 10 minutes
  3. Bus from Ahmedabad to Baroda : 90 minutes
Exploring Baroda was another treat. Travelling on a scooter, you can traverse the entire city in less than an hour! And the green theme continued here..

Don’t have too many more pictures to share but everyday in Ganshinagar has been a treat. The walk to office in the mornings; there is no better therapy for eyes than looking at green of the trees all around freshly washed down by the rains. The rain gods have indeed been kind this year and evidence is all around. The still darkness of the night; it gets eerily quiet here. Walking around on the weekend in the soft rainfall not really caring about where I’m headed, just wandering. This has actually been a great place for self reflection..


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