Sometimes for no reason whatsoever, the urge to write something comes over you. You may not even have anything to write about but you decide to start writing something anyway. With me invariably, these attacks happen on days when I am quite exhausted and ready to drop but despite that somehow I find my fingers racing over the keyboard just to satisfy that urge. Well, for those of you who have been patient enough so far, here’s hoping you like what my tired mind has concocted today!

The little boy was hardly three years old but to see him stride across the sandy beach you would think he owned the place. Armed with a bucket and a spade, he purposefully marched towards the sea and it almost seemed like it would part for him. Fortunately at this point, the parents of the young adventurer managed to catch up with him and he was firmly lifted off his feet and carried off a safe distance. The kid would not go without a fight so it was quite an amusing sight to behold. But children being as they are, the trip into the sea was soon forgotten and the next thing begun: building a sandcastle. This went on for a while and before you knew it, he was bored again; and wanted to head towards the sea again. This time his wish was granted and perched on his daddy’s shoulders, he witnessed the swirling seas and pounding waves with delight written all over his face. Of course the next thing he wanted was to play around in the water himself and had to be restrained with great difficulty…

This could go on for a while and I don’t think would get any more interesting so I will bid goodnight now.


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