The Other Side…

I visited Crossword bookstore yesterday and the sight that greeted me was heartwarming. The normally straight laced and perfectly ordered bookstore was having an overwhelming moment. There were books spilling out of everyone, in the shelves, on the floor and just about everywhere. The entire store looked like it was bursting out of it’s seams and I couldn’t help but smile. Firstly just to see the sheer number of books spread about and secondly because it just shows that there is always another side to things, the side that is not so rosy or comfortable or even sensible. It helps to be reminded of that every once in a while, just to know that it is there and you should pay it some mind. It is not as if you would like the thing any less because of it, in fact it would add to its charm. We human beings are quite the hypocritical creatures; we strive for perfection everywhere and look for it in everyone but what really touches us are the imperfections, the flaws, in short the other side. Here is to embracing that other side, that we all have within us, to know that it is a part of us and makes us who we are and to learn how best it can help us along in life. We may not like some of the things that we find but that is how it is, life isn’t perfect and the sooner we realise that, the happier we shall be for then we shall know what things will make us happy which aren’t necessarily the perfect things.

2 thoughts on “The Other Side…”

  1. Have not been to a 'proper' bookstore in like ages… I dont count the WH Smiths in the Airport, and the 8ft/8ft Om book store at TGIP. Interestingly, even though I buy more books than ever – I do it via Flipkart or through the Kindle store – funny isn't it, how life has changed…

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