A Different World

Have you ever taken a bus ride in the middle of the day? It's absolute bliss, the roads are practically empty, the bus itself is empty, the world seems bright and shining under the dazzling sunshine and everything seems so peaceful. The bus journey takes me past the Powai lake whose cool blue waters are shimmering and gentle ripples dot the surface, a truly beautiful sight. The trees on the bank are all sporting fresh green leaves which only serves to remind me that my favourite season of the year has arrived. I love the summers, I revel in the heat no matter how scorching. The blast of hot air flowing in through the windows is comforting to me. The bus now passes by a flyover construction where normally the scene would resemble something like a battlefield with cars jam packed bumper to bumper honking in vain but at this time of the day, it's smooth sailing. Now we turn into Aarey Milk Colony, my favourite part of this city. Nowhere else will you find such abundance of greenery stretching around for miles. You could almost forget that you are in the middle of a crowded cosmopolitan, it could be a road on a mountainside or a forest so stark is the contrast. The return to the real world is however inevitable but here again the empty highway stretches ahead as the bus speeds up and brings me closer and closer to home. The familiar landmarks rush by and very soon the magical journey must come to an end. These occasions are rare when things are not exactly like your daily routine. I've learnt to always enjoy them to the fullest and be grateful for just about everything there is.

I'm glad I decided to take the bus today 🙂


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