Rigmarole [Vol II]

(continued from… http://garbbled.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/rigmarole-vol-i/)

…creature called Twerp. He was a strange one, kept to himself, rarely speaking to others and when he did it was only about rainbows. The colours (though he couldn’t name them), the beauty (though he couldn’t describe it) and the sheer miracle of it. In the land where he lived, people had long given up trying to understand him (they had never seen a rainbow you see), leaving him alone to his mutterings. It wasn’t unusual for mothers to pull their children closer or fathers to shut their doors when they heard him approaching. It wasn’t that he meant any harm, that was just how he was, and as the years went on, he became more and more of a recluse, seldom seen around until one day he had a dream. He dreamt that the land was in danger and that he would be the one to save all its people from calamity. The next day, he went to the king’s court and asked for an audience. Having been granted one, he approached the regent and blurted out, “The land is in danger, we must all leave”. The entire court full of people burst out laughing and he was asked to be on his way. There was only one person who did not laugh, who believed in him and who had also been the only one to ever have listened to his stories of the rainbows. His name was Half-Pint and he decided to follow Twerp when he left the courthouse. Together they set off the next day for that land far far away where the rainbows met the earth and where they would be saved from disaster…

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